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Baikal Mile 2020

Tour dates: 25.02.2020 - 02.03.2020
Amount of days: 7 days
Start: Ulan-Ude
Finish: Ulan-Ude
Difficulty level: easy
Number of participants: 3-15
Country: Russia




The Baikal Mile

February 25 – March 2, 2020

The power of the ice plateau and speed — that is the Baikal Mile.

We invite you to take part in the unique Festival of Speed, held on the East shore of the Baikal lake in the extreme conditions of the Russia’s Siberian winter.

The first Festival of Speed the Baikal Mile was held in March 2019 and now it has become an annual event. The extreme weather conditions make the Baikal Mile a unique and memorable event in the history of auto and moto sports. It is a challenge and a trial not only for the riders, but for the vehicles taking part in the competition.

There are specially equipped routes (one 1/8 of a mile & two 1 mile routes) where each team can show it’s best and achieve the speed record on the vehicles of their choice!

The competition will be judged by judges from Russia, Ukraine and the United States. There will be record holders from various competitions, stuntriding, drifting, drag racing, ethnic dances, Russian hospitality and tons of adrenalin!

We wish you to be the first at the finish line at the Baikal Mile!

You can participate in the competition as an «Enjoy Moto» team member on our specially equipped “Ural” motorbikes with side-cart or cheer the competitors of the icy motor fun as a spectator.


Tour program


February 25 (Tuesday)

Arrival at the Ulan-Ude airport, morning flight. Transfer to the hotel.

Registration of competition participants, briefing. Ural warmings. Test ride guided.

Free time (possible to organize a sightseeing tour).

February 26 (Wednesday)

Technical inspection.

Tour of the lake (for additional cost) - fascinating travel in a hivus (hovercraft) on winter Baikal! You will feel all the beauty and mystery of the lake, you will see ice sculptures, fancy hummocks and grottoes. In a hivus, even dead cracks, thawed patches can be overcome; it can move both on ice and on water, since it is all-pass.

Baikal in February is a world of perfect purity, bizarre ice forms and unforgettable experiences! On this tour you will visit the most beautiful and secluded corners of Lake Baikal, stroll through the ice caves, see the cleanest and most beautiful ice on the planet.

February 27 (Thursday)

Qualification runs, training, pair & speed record runs.

Tour of the lake (for additional cost).

February 28 (Friday)

Qualification runs, training, pair & speed record runs.

Tour of the lake (for additional cost).

February 29 (Saturday)

Pair and speed record runs. Closing ceremony. Festive dinner.  

March 1 (Sunday)

Sightseeing – expedition to the Olkhon island.

Olkhon island is considered to be the heart and gem of the Baikal lake, it is the biggest and most beautiful island on the lake.  

In winter the whole of the Baikal lake is covered with ice. Near Olkhon island ice is especially thick so it is safe to travel there. Cristal clear Baikal ice, ice hummocks, frozen caves – it’s a real winter fairytale.

One of the attractions on the Olkhon island is the Shamanka cliff which is also called the Shaman peninsula or Burkhan cape. The peninsula stretches far into the water and at the very end of it stands a double-peaked marble cliff which is considered to constitute the most scenic view of the island. This cliff is 42 meters high and through it from one side to another runs a 12-meter-long passage called the Shaman cave. At the far end of the island there is a rock ledge with an outline in a form resembling a dragon.     

The island is shamanic site where from the time immemorial the local shamans used to gather to conduct their sacred rites. Even nowadays the Olkhon island is visited by the Siberian shamans to conduct the annual Tailagan (ritual).

March 1 (Monday)

Transfer to the airport.


Terms and conditions

Riders who fulfill event’s qualification requirements can participate in the rounds and competition. Appropriate outfit and sports life insurance policy are a must.

Technical preparation of the “Ural” motorbikes is on us!


Riders should submit their applications prior to 20.12.2019.


We have rights to make some changes in the route depending on the road and weather conditions. 

If you wish, you could prolong your stay in Russia, we will recommend you some nice place to visit with a great pleasure.



What's Included

  • Transfer to | from the airport
  • All breakfasts
  • Final festive dinner
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Organizational fees
  • Transportation of the “Ural” motorcycle with side-cart to the sight of the venue (package “Rider”)
  • Rental of the “Ural” motorcycle with side-cart (package “Rider”)
  • Studded tires, kill switch (package “Rider”)
  • Technical support (package “Rider”)
  • Souvenirs (Russian national winter outfit: short winter coat (bekesha), felt boots, fur cap with ear-flaps; T-shits)
  • Participant’s certificate
  • Excursion to the Olkhon island

What is not included

  • Airtickets to and from Ulan-Ude
  • Riding gear and helmets
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Lunches and dinners (final dinner IS included)
  • Personal expenses
  • Excursions not mentioned in the program as included
  • Medical insurance
  • Deposit for bike rental is returned in full if there were no damages to the bike due to participant’s fault
  • Fuel



Number of participants on the “Ural” bikes – 3 people (package “Rider”, 1 man / motorcycle)
Price - 6 545 USD

Number of participants as spectators – 15 people (package “Guest”)
Price - 1330 USD

Photos from the tour

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