Baltic rally

Tour dates: 26.06.2021 - 07.07.2021
Amount of days: 12 days
Start: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Finish: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Difficulty level: easy
Number of participants: 6-10
Country: Russia




We invite you to join the summer tour in the Baltic and visit 5 countries in 12 days! We will start our journey from the cultural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg, make a loop along the Baltic Sea coast and go back.

Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are not only miles of picturesque roads and the bright nature of the Baltic Sea, but also many natural parks, centuries of history and hospitality of local people.

The level of difficulty - easy, suitable for travelling with a passenger.

Day 1. Saint Petersburg.

Arrival, transfer to the hotel. Gala dinner.

Day 2. Saint Petersburg - Vyborg, 175 km

After breakfast we will have a sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg.

Then we will get on motorcycles and drive along the coastal road towards Vyborg, famous for its medieval architecture.

Day 3. Vyborg - Helsinki, 270 km

Today we will visit three countries! First we will cross the border between Russia and Finland, and moving along the Royal Road, we will come to Helsinki. 

Day 4. Tallinn - Yagala Falls - Rakvere - Tartu, 320 km

From Helsinki  we will take the ferry and sail to Tallinn. We will enjoy the beauty of Estonian nature - we will definitely visit one of the largest waterfalls in the country - Jägala, as well as Lahemaa National Park. 

We will have lunch in Rakvere, which is a traditional Estonian town with well-kept houses and a grey castle on the hill. Then we drive along Lake Peipsi to Tartu, Estonia's second largest city, which is preparing to celebrate its millennium in 2030. 

Day 5. Tartu - Otepya - Valka - Sigulda, 215 km

Today we will have breakfast in Estonia and dinner in Latvia. On the way to the border, we will definitely visit the Otepää Nature Park, which is stunningly beautiful for wild nature. 

We will arrive in Latvia through the town of Valka/ Valga, which is divided into two parts by the border of the countries.

We will arrive in Sigulda, where we plan to visit the well-preserved Crusader Castle, as well as the largest cave in the Baltic States – Gutman’s Cave in Gauja National Park.

Day 6. Sigulda - Beržinka and Old Molėte highway - Vilnius, 360 km

Today we will drive along the Latvian and Lithuanian provinces, Beržinka and the Old Molėtai highway.

For lunch we will stop in the town of Anykščiai, where the highest church in Lithuania is located.

In the evening we will take a tour of the Old Town of Vilnius, which is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Day 7. Vilnius - Trakai - Grutas Park - Kaunas, 290 km

From Vilnius we will go to Trakai, one of the oldest Lithuanian cities, formerly one of the centers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Trakai is a quiet city with beautiful wooden architecture, picturesque nature and wonderful medieval castles, which have become one of the main symbols of Lithuania.

We will have lunch in Grutas Park, a famous social-pop art museum. The park imitates the style of the Soviet Gulag camps; there is also a large collection of monuments constructed during the Soviet era in various Lithuanian cities and demolished after the restoration of independence.

Overnight we will stay in Kaunas, the second most important city in the country with a wonderful old town

Day 8. Kaunas - Panemune Castle - Palanga, 340 km

Today we will enjoy the beauty of the valley of the river Neman, visit the castle Panemune and have lunch in Švėkšna, above which rises the stunning beauty of the Neo-Gothic Church of St. Apostle James.

We will stay in Palanga, the main sea resort of Lithuania. Here along the sea there are beautiful sandy beaches stretching into gentle dunes. Palanga is a great place for swimming. 

Day 9. Palanga - Jurmala - Riga, 300 km

Today we are going to Riga, and on the way we visit the missile base and Cold War museum.

We will also definitely visit Jurmala, the most famous resort in the Baltics.  Due to the unique architecture of the city - whimsically decorated wooden manors in Jugendstil, Jurmala is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Fund.

In the evening we will have a tour of Riga, filled with the living history of past centuries.

Day 10. Riga - Via Baltica - Tallinn, 310 km

In the morning we will visit the Riga Motor Museum - the largest and most modern museum of antique vehicles in the Baltic States.  We will continue along the Baltic Sea towards Tallinn. 

For lunch we will stop in Pärnu, Estonia's stylish "summer capital" with sandy beaches and beautiful green surroundings.

In the evening, we will take a tour of Tallinn, where even in the 21st century the delightful atmosphere of old Europe continues to reign.

Day 11. Tallinn - Narva - Ust-Luga - St. Petersburg, 460 km

Along the Gulf of Finland we move towards Russia and cross the border in Narva, rightly considered one of the most beautiful architectural borders of Russia. Here there are two impregnable medieval fortresses on different sides of the fast Narova River. One of the fortresses was founded by a Moscow prince, the other by a vassal of the Danish king.

Day 12. Saint Petersburg

Transfer to the airport. Departure

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